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1 Lotus Marketing Research Services (1 Lotus Research) Is An Independent
Market Research Fieldwork Agency Assisting Market Research Companies,
Market Research Fieldwork Partners, Advisories, Consulting Firms,
Outsourcing Firms And Clients.


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1Lotus Marketing Research Services (1 Lotus Research) Is An Independent Market Research Fieldwork Agency Assisting Market Research Companies. Market Research Fieldwork Partners. Advisories, Consulting Firms. Outsourcing Firms And Clients.

It benefits businesses to stay forward in the competition and It helps in spotting appearing trends.


Being a single point of contact for multi-country research projects across 30+ countries of Asia Pacific & Middle East Regions; we provide qualitative, quantitative and online research across almost all market sectors and industry verticals


1Lotus Research is an independent market research agency providing healthcare market research, fieldwork, research and consulting services.



Catalyst in action - 1Lotus Research constantly strives to keep offering niche top quality market research fieldwork services across 30+ odd countries.



We have conducted usability testing with various types of personas and protypes such as web interface, software interface, application, product or a system.



1Lotus Marketing Research Services (1 Lotus Research) Is An Independent Market Research Fieldwork Agency Assisting Market Research Companies, Market Research Fieldwork Partners. Advisories, Consulting Firms. Outsourcing Firms And Clients.


1Lotus research follows a process where respondents or participants are screened and selected as per the screening criteria and later invivted to partcipate. Typically, we recruit respondents from our panel or a large in-house database.

Types of Research

Market research is at the core of every great marketing strategy. At 1Lotus research we understand your industry, customers, and competitors on an intimate level. The basic types of market research which we handle are primary research, qualitative and quantative research. We specialize in healthcare, B2B and B2C research.

Objectives of Research

In a typical market research study one have to uncover evaluate research brief, objectives of research, competitor strengths (and weaknesses), identify potential influencers (key players), reveal customer demographics, improve brand awareness and measure marketing effectiveness to strengthen consumer engagement.

Persona of Respondents

On basis of objectives and type of research, personas of respondents are sketched with respect to their representations of segments or catigorizations within target audience. Fueled by data-driven research, at 1Lotus research we map the “who” behind the buying or conusming decisions of products or services.

Target Audience

Target audiences are finalised in line with the final discussions with the Clients. The criterias of target audiences typically vary with gender, age, background, conumers pattern, income and educational backgrounds. In healthcare studies this typically revolves around the profession and speciality of the professionals.


There are many approaches to conduct market research. This depends on the the type of research to be conduct whether it would be a quick dip stick study with qualitative approach or a large indepth study with a quantitative approach.

Sample Size

The sample size is defining the number of subjects included in a research study. By sample size, one could understand a group of subjects that are selected from the general population and is considered a representative of the real population for that specific study.

Duration of Interview

A market research interview is a term used in a general sense relating to the process of drawing information from a respondent. At 1Lotus research we take different forms - from short surveys to longer in-depth interviews or focus groups and also include tele-depths over the telephone.


A research brief is a statement from the sponsor setting out the objectives and background to the case in sufficient detail to enable the researcher to plan and execute the study. 1Lotus research considers the brief important as it educates and influences the choice of method used. An internal briefing within the team is conducted by the project manager appointed.

Project Team

Our project team at 1Lotus research is a team whose members usually belong to different groups, have different functions and are assigned by the project manager to activities for the same project. A team can be divided into sub-teams according to need. Depending on the final deliverables a team is been assigned for a project.


We compensate for the efforts and the time spent by each individual whom we call respondents/participants in market research terms with incentives/honorarium depending on survey qualification criteria's.

Moderation/ Interview

Moderated interviews at 1Lotus research involve speaking to participants one-on-one, either remotely over video conference or live in-person. Interviews could be conducted in several different forms - from short interviews to longer in-depth interviews or focus groups and also include tele-gepths over the telephone.

Data Collection

Niche data collection is an important element of marketing research. Being an early adapters of technology and proposers of cost effective methodology - we have adapated computer aided telephonic interviews (CATI) and remote interviewing a decade back. User experience (UX) and Customer experience (CX) is one the types we conduct on Client demand and project requirement..

Audio Recording

With the consent of the survey participants, interviews are audio recorded for further analysis.


Audio recordings are further used for transcription, a action of providing a written account of spoken words (exactly word-for- word).

Content Analysis

Content analysis is a research process at 1Lotus research used to gain insights within given qualitative data. Using content analysis, researchers can quantify and co-relate the persona of respondents with and relationships with the words, themes, patterns or concepts.

Contextual Inquiries

Contextual Inquiries (CI) are a combination of classical in-depth interviews with an observation of the users in the actual context of use. CI's are conducted to understand the users’ needs, demands and requirements and to reveal influences on the users interaction with a product or interface (proto tyype of software/application) or ideation.

Report Writing

At 1Lotus research, report is an oral or written presentation to management detailing a research project's findings and recommendations.


What is a panel?

A panel in terms of market research is a set of individuals (respondents) who have been either pre-invited, pre- recruited and pre-agreed to participate in the studies such as telephonic interviews, online surveys, focus groups or online bulletin boards. Our projects mostly cover healthcare, technology, business to business services and other industry services.

Professionals could opt in to join the panel in case they are interested in participating once in three months. To join our panel, please fill in the cells here or simply click the link

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