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1Lotus Research works across industry verticals assisting Clients right from concepts to product development.
From customer satisfaction to dealer satisfactions and market sizing studies.

Essentials of Qualitative Research

We undertake in-depth interviews from face-to-face, telephone and web based interviews – with individuals ranging from general population (Gen POP) to senior key decision-makers (Business professionals) and healthcare professionals to key opinion leaders (KOL’s) – using structured and semi-structured discussion guides.

We conduct focus group discussions with consumers, businesses and policy makers, carefully stratified to meet the needs of individual research projects. We run web-based data gathering exercises, capable of collecting both qualitative and quantitative information. Qualitative studies we conduct comprises of –
  • One To One Interviews ~ In-depth interviews (telephone, face-to-face, infacility/in-Clinic)
  • Mystery Shopping / Accompanied shopping trips (AST)/ Shadow shopping’s
  • Other types of market research based on client needs
  • Focus group interviews / discussions, mini-groups, expert groups
  • User Research & Ethnography research encounters
  • Product Placements, Product Test Services, Test Kitchens
  • Usability Testing on various proto-types ( Intranet, Internet, Devices, software applications
We are proud to announce 1Lotus Research is a member of “The Association for Qualitative Research – AQR”

Market Research is one of the most essential aspects which must be acknowledged by all business organizations who wish to make a positive mark within their specific industry. Without planning and chalking out a blueprint, no business entity can survive in this cutthroat global economy. Therefore, all firms must take into account the present needs and requirements of the market so that profit maximization and goal achievement strategies get a positive outcome in the long run.

This is exactly where the services of 1Lotus Research come into play. 1Lotus Research is one of the best Qualitative Research Agencies in India. 1Lotus Research has collaborated with various Business organizations & groups and has generated effective research work. We possess a dedicated team of professionals who have the knowledge required to effectively conduct qualitative research and deep passion for this field of study.

What Is The Need Of Conducting Qualitative Research?

Every business organization wishes to know the feedback of the customers before and after launching a new product or service in the market. The observations obtained through this Qualitative Consumer Research procedure, helps firms to get a bird’s eye view of their overall operations. Likewise, the feedback obtained is then utilized to improve the said product or service which the parent company is offering.

The entire process of Qualitative Research is executed to perfection by availing our expert services. Our professional team makes sure to organize in-depth physical interviews and uses various digital mediums to host telephonic conversations and video calls so that all the necessary qualitative data get generated which can be then utilized for optimization and improving the operations of the respective business corporation.

Why Choose 1Lotus Research?

The primary objective of our company is to satisfy all the market research needs of our clients. Results are what we guarantee and are willing to work with a flexible approach. This attitude has helped our company to build a competitive advantage over our rivals. With a variable approach which includes group interviews, discussions, analysis of product placement and other aspects related to market research, we aspire to be the best Qualitative Consumer Research Company in Mumbai.

Availing the services of 1Lotus Research will also help your firm to keep up with the ongoing industry requirements. The competition level in every industry is growing at a rate of knots. Thus, corporate entities must upgrade their services at all times to maintain healthy competition. Seeking assistance from one of the best Qualitative Marketing Research Companies in India will help you to achieve this goal down the line.

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So, wait no more and get in touch with us today to avail our premium quality various research services at affordable rates. We believe in affordable pricing so that even the small and medium scale businesses can benefit from our services. To analyze and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company collaborate with 1Lotus Research, make your business future secured. Give us a call today to find out more about our services.

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