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Advertising and market research are functionalized ways of conducting market research to enhance the efficiency of advertising. It also determines the success of an advertising research agency by measuring its impact on its audience. The goal of advertising and market research is to either establish the quality of an image or improve it.

Importance of Advertising Research

  • Improving vision: when all the information is accessible, a well- formed strategy could be designed to develop the organization further.
  • Rank your image: Advertising research enables comparisons between organizations. So it helps a company to know its place in the market compared to others.
  • Monitors progress: It analyzes your organization’s performance.
  • Improves your position in the field: Advertising research enables a company to find a suitable time and ways to launch their products.
  • Predicts likely issues: Advertising research predicts forthcoming problems that an organization might face.
  • Less chances of failures: There is reduced risk of failures if the advertising research is thorough.

Types of Advertising Research

  • Pre-testing research : pre- test advertising research majorly focuses on the target audience, it will help the agency to figure out the tastes of the public and work accordingly. Pre-testing provides a final opportunity to check whether the original idea is still coming through, and whether that the ad does resonate with the intended audience. This helps the agency to optimize their campaigns before they go into the tedious process of production.
  • Post-testing research : Post-testing advertising research helps to monitor the brand’s performance, including awareness, preference product usages and attitudes. Post- testing research involves a tracking process.

Media for Advertising Research

Television Advertising

Not only does the term “television advertising” refer to a commercial with color, motion, and sound like those you see on television, it also refers to those same types of commercials you might see on the web, in social media, on YouTube, or on Facebook.

Radio Advertising

Radio commercials can be as effective as television commercials, based on sales return per dollar spent on media. However, radio commercials seldom achieve their true potential because they tend to be inferior to television commercials in content and production quality.

Print Advertising

Print advertising tends to work more slowly than television or radio. Therefore, an especially long period of time (or an especially heavy media schedule) is required to fully evaluate the total effects of print advertising.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is great at extending or reinforcing the key theme of a television or radio campaign. If some of the visual elements and the key theme of a television or radio campaign can be condensed and shown via outdoor advertising, the awareness-build of television can be accelerated.

Social Media Advertising

Social media continues to grow in importance and reach. Its ultimate value as an advertising media remains to be seen. Ads and commercials intended for online delivery or social media distribution operate by the same rules as all other advertising. Television-testing techniques, for example, can be applied to commercials that look like television commercials, regardless of where those commercials are aired.

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