Quantitative Market Research:  

Quantitative market research 

  • Our quantitative market research services comprises of:

Face to Face Interviews (F2F); Personal Interviews

Social Research Facilities

Self Competition Interview

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Web Based Survey

Computer aided Web interview (CAWI) / Close location Test (CLT)

Media Test Services

Retail Audit and Interview

Shopping Research Services

Computer aided personal interviews (CAPI)

Central location tests (CLT) / Hall tests

Online Surveys

Computer aided telephonic interviews (CATI)

Mystery shopping

Retai Shop Audit

Paper & Pencil interviews (PAPI)

Concept Testing

Paper & Telephonic interviews (PATI)

  • Other types of turnkey market research fieldwork, based on clients requirements.

Multi Country - Primary Market Research Fieldwork
One Way Mirror Viewing Facility
Consumer Market Research
Business Market Research
Industrial Market Research
Technology Market Research
Social & Rural Research
Strategic Marketing Research
Customized Experience Research
Market Research Fieldwork
Secondary Market Research
Quantitative Market Research
Qualitative Market Research
Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews
Healthcare Market Research
B2B and Industrial Research
Online Panels
Usability Testing Support
Ethnographic Studies
Mystery Shopping Practice
Sensory Evaluation
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